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Please note: Ravenswood Morris has disbanded and this site remains for historic purposes only. For more information about Morris dancing in Chicago, please visit:

Pullman Morris and Sword: http://pullmanmorris.org/

and the Midwest Ale 2015 site:


For any questions about Ravenswood Morris, please contact Gary Plazyk, g_plazyk@ix.netcom.com


What is Ravenswood Morris?

Ravenswood Morris is Chicago's Morris team. We "dance out" (perform) at various times and places throughout the year including:

William Kemp with taborer Thomas Slye

Ravenswood Morris meets to practice intermittently on Thursday evenings from 7PM to 9PM. As of September 2002 we have moved to a new practice site, Hamlin Park fieldhouse (game room, second floor) 3035 North Hoyne in Chicago. The park phone number is 312-742-7785. Newcomers are always welcome, but it is best to contact us in advance and let us know to expect you. We'd love to have you join us.

We are a mixed side which dances Cotswold Morris with a few Border Morris dances thrown in for good measure (particularly during the winter months). Our primary traditions are Bampton and Adderbury, although we do the occasional dance from other traditions as well. Several of our dances are of our own devising, in a tradition we like to call "Evidence in da Trunk."

So just what is Morris dancing? If the preceding paragraph makes so little sense to you that it might as well be written in Greek, or if you just want to learn more about Morris, then check out Informative Stuff and you'll soon understand all...OK, at least some.

Ready to join in the fun?

We dance Morris for many reasons, and one of the most important of these is that it's fun. It's also good exercise and leads to meeting lots of great people in the Morris community around the globe. Still, we don't want to hoard the fun, so if this sounds like something you'd like to do then contact us and become a Morris dancer yourself:

Send email to our Squire: Lowell Kempf
Send email to our Webmaster: Gary Plazyk

View May Day 2008 photos. For a thought provoking meditation on the meaning of May Day and Morris dancing, please check out this commentary from a member of one of our neighbor teams, Oak Apple Morris, in Madison, Wisconsin.

View May Day 2006 photos.

View some Ravenswood Morris photos.

View some of our AntiMorris 2002 photos.

View the Ravenswood Morris recruitment poster.

Ravenswood Morris is happy to be included in The Chicago Area Folk Dance Scene, a wonderful listing of area folkdance sessions collected by the Folk Dance Council of Chicago, and The Folk Dance Association, a great resource for many different dance styles and groups.

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